Hardline Magazine 9/10 album review in english!

“Lauri Hannola started from Finland to conquer the world. Joined by his fellow guitarists Roni and Tuomas from the band Tracedawn, as well as drummer Rolf, who has already proven his skills working with bands like Stratovarius and Joe Lynn Turner.

This album focuses on melodic rock and the result speaks for itself. Already the first song “Carry On” starts soothingly, starring Bruce Kulick on the guitar. After the second song, called “One Of These Days”, the music is developing into a rougher tone, focusing on the guitars in songs like “Wild Heart”.

Songs like “Summer Rain” in between, set you into the mood of a rainy summer day and you catch on to the refrain immediately, a really strong piece of music. Heading towards the finish line of the CD with the title track “Sky Of Forever”, you’ll eventually reach a calm ending with the song “Under Everlasting Sun”. The strong voice of Lauri has a huge resemblance to Sonata Arctica`s Tony Kakko, hence you can’t get rid of the feeling that you’re dealing with a softer version of that band. The album could’ve been longer, than nine songs within 36 minutes, but that seems to be the standard nowadays. 9/10” ~Hardline Magazine (GERMANY)

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Sky Of Forever`s Spotify, Itunes etc. links can be found HERE: https://target.lnk.to/SkyofforeveralbumFa

Order CD on Target Shop HERE: http://www.targetshop.dk/uk/370729/Sky_Of_Forever/Sky_Of_Forever/

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Lauri`s photo by Nikke Puskala & the album cover by Patrik Nuorteva/Perish Films.

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