Sky Of Forever

Music that takes your breath away.

Sky Of Forever () is a Helsinki based melodic hardrock group. Their music is influenced by 1980`s hardrock and the masters of film music. The group is led by singer and songwriter Lauri Hannola.


Line-up filled with talent

Lauri Hannola, singer and songwriter
Roni Seppänen, guitars and co-producing
Rolf Pilve, drums
Tuomas Yli-Jaskari, sound engineering, co-producing, additional bass
Risto Kupiainen, orchestrations, piano


Melodic, magical, magnificent.

Sky Of Forever is touching melodies, great choruses, magical moments of music.


About Lauri


Lauri“I was born in Helsinki, the capital of Finland. I was a little kid when I heard Michael Jackson`s “Black Or White” single. My mom remembers that I would stand next to the tape player and listen to that song all day long. I also saw the music video and even tried to copy some of his dance moves. I was fascinated.

My parents bought me my first guitar when I was six years old. I really didn`t know how to play, but played it anyway. After some anti-playing their ears couldn`t take it anymore, so my mom almost forced me to take some guitar lessons. I had heard Metallica`s music, so “Unforgiven” was one of the first songs I began to practice once I was familiar with the basic chords and so on. As time moved on, I soon realized that I was more into melodic music.

Junior high school was the era of musical awakening: we had our first real band and played some gigs. At first I was too afraid to sing, but later on got over the stage fright. We also made our first demo back then.

I had played guitar as a main instrument for several years when my music teachers encouraged me to sing. I started singing when I was about 17 years old. I got a lot of influences from melodic metal, 80`s stuff and film music. As a guitar player I had been practicing shredding, so it was natural for me to start singing the same stuff. I started to find my unique voice.

Sky Of Forever`s debut album came out 14/10/2016 in Europe and USA and 14/12/2016 in Japan (as I`m writing this, it hasn`t come out yet).

As a songwriter, composing is always an adventure to me. I love great melodies, big chords and smooth dynamics.”

-Lauri, singer-songwriter / Sky Of Forever