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Some cool medias all over the world have told about our recent announcements & the first reviews have arrived for you to check out:

Bravewords (Canada), in english

Uberrock (UK), in english

KISS Asylum (US), in english.

RockHard (Germany), in german / deutsch

Inferno (Finland), in finnish / suomeksi

ViriAOR (Spain), in spanish / espanjol (album review)

Flight Of Pegasus (Greece), in greek (album review)

DMB (Sweden), in swedish / på svenska

Roooar (France), in french / in english

KISS Army Finland, in finnish / suomeksi

Sky Of Forever hopes you enjoy these and stay tuned for more!

Album will be released worldwide 14.10.2016 via Mighty Music. For interview requests, reviews and further information, please contact Mr Michael H. Andersen: michael [at] (CEO, Mighty Music/Target Group)

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We are superexcited to announce that the legendary KISS guitarist Bruce Kulick will appear on our debut album. Bruce`s exquisite guitar playing can be heard on the album opener, "Carry On"!

Sky Of Forever`s self-titled debut album will be released worldwide via Mighty Music on the 14th of October 2016.

For interview requests, reviews and further information, please contact: michael [at] (CEO, Mighty Music / Target Group).

Photo © Rick Gould

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Since there is only two months to go before the release of the album we thought now would be a great time to reveal the album cover and the track list. The album art was made by Patrik Nuorteva / Perish Films. Check out his official website at

Track list: 1. Carry On 2. One Of These Days 3. Wild Heart 4. Tomorrow 5. Vagabond 6. Summer Rain 7. Divine 8. Sky Of Forever 9. Under Everlasting Sun

The album will be released via Mighty Music on October 14th.

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P.S. Another cool announcement coming up later this week;) Stay tuned!

Hi there!

We are proud to announce that Sky Of Forever signed a record deal with Mighty Music ltd!

First official single "Summer Rain" is out now!

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The music video is premiered by Inferno in Finland, Sweden Rock magazine in Sweden, Rock Hard in Germany, in Italy and and Metalized in Denmark.

The album will come out 14.10.2016! Cheers!

Happy friday!

24.6 we have some great news to share with you.

Before that: salut!

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Pic © Sky Of Forever

Hi there,

Here`s a video from the guitar recordings, check it out!


The album is now pretty much recorded and the producer Tuomas Yli-Jaskari is mixing it at the moment.


We have had lots of fun and there are some killer songs to come.


Here's a vid from the very last guitar recording session we did two weeks ago!





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There`s gonna be special guest stars on the album. We`re gonna announce some names on the upcoming trailer due out in spring 2016!